Health Direct Global provides a multi-sided platform that leverages A.I and biometric-based Electronic Health Records to match users to Health Service Providers in real-time and a blockchain-based payments infrastructure to provide alternative healthcare financing for urban, peri-urban and people at the bottom of the pyramid.

A fresh approach to healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly evolving towards new, integrated and scalable models of care delivery that puts the consumer at the centre. At the core of Health Direct Global's approach is our ambition to provide customers with greater access to healthcare across different interaction points beyond hospitals, such as at pharmacies and primary health care facilities, providing much-needed services to patients across Ghana and, in the future, in Africa.

Leading the charge for Universal Healthcare Coverage

Firstly, we aim to help people attain Good Health and well being by leveraging technology to increase timely access to healthcare services which makes healthcare Inclusive through Universal Healthcare Coverage.

Reducing the vicious cycle of poverty

We aim to reduce poverty caused by the shock of emergency out of pocket health-related costs by achieving Financial Protection through empowering individuals and families to have access to alternative healthcare financing when they save through our health wallet.

Our Services


Our Telehealth platform allows you to request, book and schedule appointments with health service providers from the comfort of your home.

Electronic Health Records Software

We provide health service providers with an AI-powered Electronic Health Records Software allowing patients health care data to be managed in a seamless and responsible way.

Automated Mobile Health Wallet

Through our blockchain-based health wallet we provide alternative healthcare financing by empowering users to save towards their healthcare needs and spend it later when the need arises.

Data and Analytics

We provide healthcare stakeholders with real-time information for data-driven decision making. Using data science and artificial intelligence, we streamline the numerous data-points into actionable insights that can be visualized through dashboards and analytics.

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